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Here are five potential YouTube keywords across different niches:

  1. “How-to” Tutorials: Examples include “How to bake a cake,” “How to tie a tie,” “How to do a smokey eye makeup,” etc. These keywords are popular among users seeking instructional content.
  2. Product Reviews: Keywords like “iPhone 13 review,” “Best gaming laptop 2024,” “Top-rated makeup products,” etc., cater to users looking for reviews and recommendations before making purchasing decisions.
  3. Travel Vlogs: Keywords such as “Thailand travel vlog,” “Europe backpacking trip,” “Safari adventure in Africa,” etc., target audiences interested in travel experiences and destination guides.
  4. Fitness and Wellness: Keywords like “Home workout routines,” “Yoga for beginners,” “Healthy meal prep ideas,” etc., appeal to individuals looking for fitness tips, exercise routines, and nutritional guidance.
  5. Gaming: Keywords such as “Fortnite gameplay,” “Minecraft tips and tricks,” “Call of Duty walkthrough,” etc., attract gamers searching for gameplay footage, strategies, and gaming-related content.

These keywords represent just a few examples of popular search terms on YouTube. It’s essential to conduct keyword research specific to your niche and audience to identify relevant and high-performing keywords for your content.