Frequently Asked Questions

SkillUp Edda is an organization focused on the development and empowerment of Edda Local Government Area in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. We offer skill acquisition and empowerment programs to equip the indigenes with valuable skills for personal and professional growth.

SkillUp Edda offers a diverse range of programs including entrepreneurship, agriculture, technology, vocational training, and more. These programs are designed to cater to the specific needs and aspirations of our community members.

SkillUp Edda programs are open to individuals of all ages residing in Edda LGA. Whether you are a student, graduate, job seeker, or someone looking to enhance your skills, you are welcome to participate and benefit from our programs.

Yes, all our programs at SkillUp Edda are offered free of charge. We believe in making skill acquisition and empowerment opportunities accessible to all individuals in Edda Local Government Area. Our goal is to ensure that cost is not a barrier for individuals who are eager to learn and improve their skills. By providing free programs, we aim to create equal opportunities for personal and professional development within our community.

Yes, SkillUp Edda provides certificates of participation to individuals who successfully complete our programs. These certificates validate your participation and serve as a recognition of your commitment and achievement. And the certificate is ₦‎ 1000

To apply for SkillUp Edda programs, you can visit our website or contact our office directly. Details about program applications, eligibility criteria, and deadlines will be provided on our website or through our official communication channels. Visit Available Skills

Yes, we welcome individuals who are passionate about making a difference to join us as volunteers. Volunteering opportunities may include assisting in program delivery, mentoring participants, or providing administrative support. Please reach out to us for more information on volunteering. [email protected]

There are various ways to support SkillUp Edda. You can make a financial contribution, donate resources or materials, spread awareness about our programs, or collaborate with us as a partner organization. Your support can make a significant impact on the success of our initiatives.

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