How to raise a helping hand, if your family depend wholly on you.

Dear Edda Youths, we can understand that you are the firstborn child of your parents and that everyone depends on you for survival, you have labored so much, yet, the family problem doesn’t seem to have a headway.
Chill, we have a solution here.


Most of our youths hustle under the sun and rain, just to ensure their family sees food to chop, and most times, deprived themselves of food, just so their siblings can eat.
We know how overwhelming it is, Jookwa. 


Now, here is a relief system to help yourself and your family.


  1. Starting a small provision store in the village for them.
  2. Raising money to train the next person following you.
  3. Draw a goal-setting board that will help you to ration your income and expenses.



This is one of the best ways to help them and reduce their dependency. You can start a little business for your younger brother or sister, selling kerosene, fuel, Provision store, Farm products, etc. Some of them are businesses that can be started with 20K.


Let’s assume you are paid 30K monthly,  and you usually send them 10k monthly, save the 10K for two months, business is set, send to them, they can be selling and helping themselves while you save up for your own upkeep and business growth.



This has to do with helping your siblings to get any skill, most of the skills are free and accessible online. You can acquire any of them from SkillUp Edda, Find them and follow up on what they’re doing, then let them get a skill. Hopefully, they can get employed and start earning so they can assist you.  



This has to do with writing your vision down and making them plain. 

Have a road map for yourself, this is another thing to consider.


Let’s do some mathematics. 

Obi is receiving 30K monthly and wants to save so he can assist the family, but obi needs a goal-setting board to help him settle his family.


Salary = 30k

Upkeep and Feeding = 15K

Family =5K

Savings 10K


In about 5 months, obi has been able to save the sum of 50K
Start kerosene, akamu, fuel, or any other business for his family.


Within the next 5 months, he has been able to save 50K for himself. 


Please take note, that this post is not stating that you should suffer your family, but to help you plan your life and reduce the dependency from your family. 


If you die today, your family will still move on. Work Smartly.

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