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We put the patient at the center

According to WHO, more Africans are dying early from diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. At the same time, our mental health is suffering with more people with untreated depression and anxiety than ever before. We aim to change that using proven evidence-based interventions at scale.

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How mDoc Works

mDoc makes it easier to live a healthier, happier life.

Managing an illness or a long-term disease such as Diabetes or Hypertension can be challenging especially when you are confronted with the realities of daily living in the African context. Using evidence-based person-centered approaches, mDoc has developed a platform of 24/7 support for you. From helping you keep a secured centralized repository of your healthcare information, to connecting with different types of practitioners such as nutritionists and coaches to help with your health goals to helping you navigate where to find quality in-person healthcare we have got you covered.

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mDoc connects people to a multi-disciplinary team of providers who have been trained in person-centered care to support them to manage their disease.

Simplification. Information. Access. Quality. We help you find quality healthcare services you need on our NaviHealth directory.

We democratize healthcare information for the African user

We are building a geo-coded database of healthcare services across countries – whether it is diabetes care, family planning to cancer screening, we are here for you.

Available on navihealth.ai


Track your progress and maintain your health records

mDoc helps people maintain a personal health record and dashboard which allows them to track their progress in achieving their health goals. This secured information can be made available to any of their providers or caregivers at any time.

Live a longer, healthier happier, life

Our framework incorporates elements from several evidence-based approaches including the Wagner Chronic Care model - improvement in health requires an approach that incorporates patient, provider, community and system level interventions.

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