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2023/2024 TEFCONNECT APPLICATION FORM Tony Elumelu Charitable Foundation

The TEFconnect application form is now available, and applications are being accepted!

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is a non-profit empowerment organization dedicated to introducing African youngsters to the business world so that they may become an engineering force for the continent’s DEVELOPMENT.

Founded in 2010 by Nigerian financier Tony Elumelu, the foundation has helped thousands of African youngsters create jobs for themselves and others by venturing into the entrepreneurial area.

Since its inception in 2015, the foundation, which is supported by Tony Elumelu’s investment business descendants, has enabled at least 9000 young entrepreneurs across 54 African nations.

If the initiative had not been discontinued last year because to the covid-19 outbreak, the foundation would have exceeded its objective of empowering 10,000 children in ten years. They have, however, devised an intriguing strategy to meet the objective this year.

Typically, the foundation chooses its nominees from a large pool of applications received from all 54 African nations. The chosen applicants are subsequently trained and supervised over the course of a 12-week program.

The finalists are then provided with a non-refundable first stage seed money of $5000 to launch their proposed firm at the end of the program. Candidates whose firms were successful will thereafter be eligible for a second stage returnable investment.

Since its inception in 2015, the TEF foundation empowerment program has been carried out yearly, and applications for the 2021 batch (7th edition) are presently being accepted. The application site was launched on January 1 and will end on March 31.

We will teach you how to properly apply for the 2022 program.


TEFconnect application procedure (8th edition)

The foundation has agreed to teach and sponsor 2000 candidates for this edition of the TEF connect program. This comprises the 1000 applicants from the 2020 batch who did not start last year, as well as the fresh group of 1000 candidates who will be shortlisted this year. However, rejected candidates from last year will not be able to apply this year in order to give fresh applicants a fair chance of being chosen.

Eligibility or requirements for submitting a successful TEFconnect entrepreneurship program application.

Before applying for the TEFconnect entrepreneurship program, prospective applicants should examine the following elements. While everyone can apply, not everyone is eligible, and those who are not will have their application form rejected. Hence applicants must first make sure they are qualified before applying.

TEFconnect entrepreneurship program eligibility;

  • Interested candidates must have either a current creative firm in the gestation period of 0 to 3 years or a highly feasible business idea.
  • The company or concept must also be lucrative.
  • The candidate must be an African startup entrepreneur with an African-based firm or business idea.
  • Applicants with businesses will be considered acceptable as long as they match the criteria, regardless of industry.
  • Applicants with businesses or credible business concepts must ensure that the firm can create jobs.


For registered users, follow these steps:

• Sign in to the official TEFconnect website at www.TEFconnect.com.

• On the Home Page, click on “PROGRAMMES,” then on the TEF 2021 Programme, click APPLY.

• Fill in all of the needed information on the Application form as accurately as possible. Then press the SUBMIT button. The application form has four sections: Personal Information, Business Information, Cognitive Assessment, and Declaration.

• An eligibility status will be displayed on the screen and forwarded to your email, asking you to CONTINUE OR NOT.

• If you are eligible, the TEF team will send you an email with instructions on how to begin your “TRAINING.”


For first-time users who do not have a TEFconnect account

• Go to the website and click the register here button to create an account.

• Next, login in using your new username and password. You will need to create and save your profile.

• After that, follow the actions outlined in the preceding section for registered users.

Finally, it is critical that the information provided by applicants matches the information on their ID card. In addition, all essential documentation must be presented as asked.


Beneficiaries and the selection process.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted after the application deadline and will be required to attend business training.
Candidates that are chosen will also be required to create and present a credible business plan.
Entrepreneurs who excelled over the 12-week training period will be invited to pitch their ideas in one of the 54 African nations.
Following the pitching process, the top entrepreneurs will receive a $5,000 non-refundable startup money (five thousand dollars)
The winners will then be revealed at the TEF Forum and their achievements will be posted on the TEFconnect website.