Why are you not investing in Edda?

Does it mean that Edda can only be developed by our government, what happens to you?
A plot of land in the City is sold for 10M while a plot of land in Edda is 1M.
Use the 9M and raise a structure, start providing services that are lacking in Edda.
Buy our local goods and export to the city and make your cool money from Edda.
BOOM! You’re now an exporter.
You don’t have to base in Edda, create job opportunities for our youths and watch how God makes things fall in place for you.
A poor man in the city can be a big man in Edda, if the city is not working for you, why not try Investing in Edda?
Most of us pay rent of 500K in the city but no single room in the Village.
God bless you if you have been invested in Edda or intend to invest in Edda.
No place like Home.

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