Why SkillUp Edda?

It saddens my heart seeing graduates, highly educated graduates roaming around without job, most of them are first-class degree holders, some of them cannot even brag of their certificates anymore, some has completely lost hope, on the other hands, WAEC certificate holders no longer have the urge to further their education, simply because, no hope of getting employed after university. Our youths no longer see school as anything simply because of the situation they found themselves.
Graduates has now turned to dunkers, just to forget their sorrow, while some has complete turned to criminals, simply because, no way out to their situations.
Ladies with bright futures now turned to mothers at at the age of 18, simply because lack all it takes to take care of themselves, so the only way out is to sleep around with unemployed graduates.
Parents lacks support, care, joy and they’re filled with bitterness, seeing their children roaming around without job, some of our parents sold all the had just to see that their first child is educated so they can help them train others and also take care of them when they’re old, but the story is totally different because, all their hope is shattered, leaving them with anger and bitterness of the heart.

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